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On behalf of the directors, I am pleased to welcome you to Legacy Iron Ore Limited and our portfolio of projects highly prospective for iron ore, gold, manganese and base metals.

Legacy Iron has had success in discovering and defining a major iron ore resource at Mt Bevan in Western Australia. This will continue to be a major focus of the company's activities, together with aggressive exploration of our manganese, gold and base metal projects.

The gold portfolio of Legacy Iron Ore gives investors an opportunity to participate in the re-energised gold mining industry. All gold projects are set in areas with impressive histories of continuous gold production - and our plan is to bring a fresh, integrated perspective to each one.

The Legacy Iron Ore Board has the expertise to drive powerful and innovative exploration programs, matched with a commitment to cost-efficiency and financial responsibility.

Details of the company's portfolio, its proposed activities and investment opportunities are available on this website. Please read the information carefully and seek professional advice, if necessary, to make an informed decision.

My fellow directors and I commend Legacy Iron Ore to you and look forward to welcoming you as a shareholder.

Yours sincerely,

Non-Executive Chairman

Legacy Iron Ore Limited