Iron Ore Projects

Legacy holds highly prospective iron ore tenements in both the Central Yilgarn and Pilbara areas of Western Australia.  All project areas are located close to established infrastructure.


The Central Yilgarn is currently a major centre of exploration and mining activity with major hematite and magnetite resources defined by companies including Cliffs Natural Resources, Jupiter Mining Limited, Mindax Limited and Cashmere Iron Limited.


Mt Bevan is a joint venture between Legacy and Hawthorn Resources Limited whereby Legacy will earn a 60% interest in the project by expending a minimum of $3.5 million to develop the project to a pre-feasibility status.  Mt Bevan is considered to hold excellent potential for the definition of substantial DSO hematite and magnetite iron resources that are located close to existing road, rail and port facilities.

The Mt Bevan Project consists of Exploration Licences E29/510 and E29/713 located approximately 100km west of the Leonora Township in the central Yilgarn region of Western Australia.

Mt Bevan - F1

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The Company has two key iron ore projects in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, which cover an area of 851km2.  Both projects are proximal to existing iron ore resources and infrastructure.

Pilbara Projects _17 03 09


The Robertson Range Project lies 100 - 120km east-northeast of Newman in the East Pilbara of Western Australia.  The project comprises three Exploration Licences (E45/3394, E45/3395 and E46/818) covering an area of some 800km2.  The two major tenements E45/3395 and E46/818 were recently granted in December 2009.

The tenements adjoin those of FerrAus Ltd and Atlas Iron Ltd where recent exploration has indicated a resource base of some 200Mt of high grade hematite iron ore.  In addition, E46/818 lies some 25km SSW along strike from the recently commissioned Nicholas Downs (previously Balfour Downs) major high grade manganese mine estimated to contain a resource exceeding 15Mt.

Robertson _Geol 2_17 03 09

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The Hamersley Project lies 60 kilometres due west of Tom Price in the West Pilbara of Western Australia.  The project comprises two Exploration Licences (E47/1868 and E47/1869) covering an area of some 48 square kilometres.

The tenements flank the Beasley River CID iron ore resource, with the eastern tenement E47/1869 immediately abutting the Hamersley Iron leases.  The Beasley River deposit contains a resource of some 400Mt of iron ore that takes the form of a series of elongate mesas and ridges occupying an ancient drainage line.  This drainage line extends from the Hamersley Iron Bedded Iron Deposits in the north including the Brockman ore bodies, to the far south within the Rocklea Dome.  The southern extensions within the Rocklea Dome are largely under cover and have been subject to recent drilling by adjoining holders Murchison Metals Ltd ("Murchison") and AusQuest Ltd ("AusQuest").  Murchison have recently released a scoping study showing a resource of 89Mt of ore grading 59.9% CaFe (53.2% Fe) using a 50% Fe lower cut off.  The resource has low phosphorus, and moderate silica-alumina that can be reduced by simple scrubbing/jigging.  AusQuest have subsequently sold their Rocklea CID resource to Dragon Energy Ltd.  The Rocklea resource is stated to be 63.1Mt at 60.37% CaFe (53.38% Fe) using a 50% Fe lower cut off.

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