Legacy Iron Ore Limited (LCY) is actively exploring and developing mineral resource projects in Western Australia.

The principal commodities are Iron Ore, Gold, Base Metals, Magnetite, Tungsten, Nickel, Lithium and other Rare Earths Elements (REE).

LCY Project Status (Exploration Maturity)

Mineral Resource Estimation and Pre-Feasibility Stage

  • Mt Bevan Project; Mt Bevan deposit (magnetite)
  • South Laverton Project; Mt Celia deposit (gold)
  • South Laverton Project; Yilgangi deposit (gold)

Advanced Stage Exploration (Resource Definition)

  • South Laverton Project; Yerilla prospect (gold)

Early-Stage Exploration (Target Delineation and Drill Testing)

  • South Laverton Project; Sunrise Bore and Patricia North prospects (gold)
  • East Kimberley Project; Koongie Park prospect (base metals), Sophie Downs, Taylor Lookout and Ruby Plains (tungsten and base metals)
  • Mt Bevan Project; Mt Bevan prospect (nickel and lithium)

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